Jeep Grand Cherokee Remote Start Not Working. Please let us know when you /. Glad the dealer said there was an issue.

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The jeep dealer says that i'll need a $500. My guess is that you have some sort of gremlin starting to go bad but not bad enough to get evic messages. Please let us know when you /.

Gurus2Wf6 Answered 2 Years Ago.

I have checked my electronics in it and nothing is burnt out or anything, the remote unlock and lock just will not work. After replacement (under warranty) the remote start has been working properly since. If your battery voltage is too low during the initial crank or your hood switch is acting up it will not work as well.

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Glad the dealer said there was an issue. 3 turn the key to the run position and aim the keyless remote at the steering wheel. It is not the batteries in the remote.

Reasons Your Remote Start Is Not Working:

To drive a jeep cherokee after remotely starting it, unlock the vehicle using the remote control. Press and hold the lock button for five seconds. The most common cause for a 2011 jeep grand cherokee remote start not to work is a dead key fob battery.

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Remote Start Also Will Not Work If You Have An Active Dtc Or You Are Low On Fuel.

I have 1996 jeep grand cherokee4.0 auot trans.its starts if like 30 seconds and then shuts downand will restart and shuts right back off i have changed all part scan tool showed what could it be 1 answer. Remote start abort message the following messages will display in the evic if the vehicle fails to remote start or exits remote start prematurely: Remote starter on my 2015 jeep cherokee doesn't work.

Check The Hood Switch, The Truck Won't Remote Start If The Hood Is Open, Or Popped.

If the remote start system is not working in your jeep grand cherokee the first thing that you should check is the battery in the key fob. Sounds a bit fishy to me. To remotely start your vehicle, press the “remote start” button twice within 5 seconds.

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