How To View Archived Orders On Amazon App. You can now view all archived orders and unarchive any if need be. Here you can see all placed orders and under order setting option you need to select the archive option.

How To Find Archived Orders On Amazon App How to Guide 2022 from

Log in to your amazon account. Click the “archived orders” button found on the your account page. Then log in with your amazon account.

You’ll Have To Use Amazon’s Website To Do That.

The best part is that you can still find the same hidden item whenever you want to make another online purchase. This is by simply typing the name of the hidden item in the main search option. You can now view all archived orders and unarchive any if need be.

Click The “Archived Orders” Button Found On The Your Account Page.

The first thing you need to do is to click on the icon “your orders” that is situated at the upper right of the app’s dashboard and recognize or look through the thing(s) that you need to hide. Archiving will help you get rid of the orders from your dashboard. Then log in with your amazon account.

You Will Still Be Able To View Archived Order From “Your Account” By Clicking The “View Archived Orders” Link.

Next, click “archive order twice when the option appears. To find your archived orders, you will need to follow these simple steps: Open the amazon app and log in, if needed.

Finally, From The Orders Section, Click On The Dropdown Filter At The Top And Choose Archived Orders.

How to locate your archived orders. Can you archive the orders? On the top right of your amazon account page, hover over accounts & lists.

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The Mobile App Only Allows You To View Your Archived Orders.

Videos you watch may be. On your device open the amazon app. Press the home button, and then menu, and then view archived items.

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